Finding New Content Ideas with Great SEO Potential – How to Do It Right?

Choosing topics that are relevant and valuable to your audience can be challenging. There are a lot of things to know and understand including your target readership,competitor’s content,the popularity of your topic,and many more. With these things,many digital marketing specialists would often find themselves in a bind just so they could come up with something unique and would drive traffic to their sites.


To help you decide on the direction of your content,an SEO expert in Hong Kong has compiled a few useful techniques that are worth the try. Here are some of them.


Take Advantage of Google Search Trends

Google Search Trends is a tool that allows you to explore what the world is searching. It can give you an idea on what topics are currently trending and people are searching for. What’s good about Google Trends is it projects real time data. It can also help you be on top of the latest news and events to which you can find potential content topics.


The Reddit Keyword Research Tool

Reddit is another good platform to which you could find interesting content ideas. Reddit actually has its own keyword tool. You can type in a subreddit and it can provide you with monthly search and some related context based on the phrase or subreddit you’ve entered.


See What Your Competitors Are Writing

Keeping an eye on your rivals is another great strategy to come up with content ideas. Spin their content with another angle and make yours even more interesting. You may even look at their social media pages and see what among their content have the most engagements and feedback. This is step will allow you to find where to focus your attention especially for topics that are too broad for you.


These are just some of the things you could try and use to help you find unique and fresh content to your audience. Along with these,don’t be afraid to experiment so you could figure out what type of blog your visitors are most interested in.